Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pantamolle.

Perhaps some of you already knows us, others probably do not. It doesn't matter, now we are gonna tell you our idea. 

Pantamolle is a lifestyle, not just a new way of wearing trousers, it represents values that are really important to us.

We strongly believe in the high value of our country and this is the reason why we decided to fully make our Pantamolle in Italy. We believe in the power of ideas, especially those of young people. We must not be afraid to carry them on, to persist, although the world we are living is not easy to understand. But above all, the most important value that Pantamolle wants to convey is positivity, a value often taken for granted, but that has always allowed us to live life in the right way.

We have created the 2019 Summer Pantamolle, a timeless and ageless piece, capable of transmitting unique sensations. Fabrics come from our untiring pursuit of comfort and our fantasies represent the iconic style of Pantamolle.

We are trying to imagine the perfect situation to wear it, maybe during a summer dinner with some friends, a beach party in the moonlight, but also a family walk during a cool Sunday in the city. It looks perfect!

This is us and we hope we will be able to transmit the passion we have for our work and for our idea.

See you soon in our Store! 


Sigalini Brothers 

Last year with Pantamolle

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